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So what is the LHANC Inc...? We are a living history home for the family…

      The Living History Association of North Carolina, Inc. (non-profit) is a "mainstream" living history organization that portrays the 30th North Carolina Troops, Company "K" (infantry) from Mecklenburg County NC. Membership is open to families as well as individuals. Our members include current and retired law enforcement officers, history teachers, skilled craftsmen, college students, state employees, active reserve military, EMT’s, a college professor and several small business owners. Our group has three published authors. We regard our membership as an extended family.13758_1259754169296_1092915416_814916_1110260_n.jpg

     Most of our members live in the southern Piedmont region of North Carolina, we also have members in Raleigh and Wadesboro areas of North Carolina and as far away as Maryland. We participate in historical events and battle re-enactments in North and South Carolina, Virginia, Pennsylvania and Georgia. We have several membership dinner meetings near Concord, N.C. each year. At these meetings, we vote on our re-enactment schedule, elect our staff and make other routine organizational decisions. We have an annual Christmas party, summer cookout and work in a historical field trip when we can.

    We generally participate at one or two events each month so our membership can chose those that best fit their schedules. Our events include weekend battle re-enactments, living history programs at local museums, school programs, memorial services and monument dedications. Our living history programs educate the public and raise funds for Civil War history preservation projects. We ask that our members participate in at least three weekend battle re-enactments each year in addition to our meetings.

   Our military organization, Company "K", 30th North Carolina Troops, has been active in the re-enactment community since 1985. We are a charter member of the 1st North Carolina Battalion and affiliated with the largest Civil War re-enactment group in the nation: the Army of Northern Virginia. Because some re-enactment events require groups to occasionally portray both sides, the 30th NCT participates as 38th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry two or three times per year. As dedicated historians, we feel that the service of all Civil War soldiers, Union and Confederate, should be recognized and honored. We are first and foremost a North Carolina Confederate infantry organization. Participation as Union infantry is optional for our members

   The 30th NCT is in partnership with the Boy Scouts of America Venture Program. This program allows qualified boys age 14 and 15 to participate as infantry soldiers. These young soldiers must have parental permission and be physically and emotionally mature enough to handle firearms. They must pass our height, manual of arms and military standards. Boys 14 and older with musical talent (bugle, fife, drum) may also enlist as musicians.

   For younger children and ladies, our Colonel Francis Marion Parker Civilian Alliance provides an opportunity to learn and teach various aspects of Victorian life and Southern civilian life during the Civil War. This participation allows family and friends of our military members to share in the hobby. The Civilian Alliance serves in a supporting role for the military company. We encourage families and Civilian Alliance members to camp with us and participate in all of our programs.

   Civil War reenacting has been popular since the American Civil War Centennial (1961-1965). Many of those early re-enactors are "aging out" of the hobby but still wish to remain active. There are also those interested in reenacting who, for one reason or another, cannot withstand the more rigorous aspects of the hobby. In order to answer this need, several members of the 30th NCT also participate with the North Carolina State Militia and Home Guard. Our militia company participates in less physically demanding events including living history displays, memorial ceremonies and some limited battle re-enactments. The service of North Carolina’s citizen-soldiers is a much neglected part of Civil War history.


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The Living History Association of North Carolina (L.H.A.N.C.) is a non-profit,

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