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Prospective Re-enactors,


   In 1985, a group of experienced Civil War re-enactors formed the Living History Association of North Carolina Inc.  L.H.A.N.C. non-profit and reactivated the 30th North Carolina Troops, Company K.  This particular Confederate infantry company was chosen because of its service in General Robert E. Lee's Army of Northern Virginia and its historical connection with Charlotte and the lower piedmont region of North Carolina.  As with many organizations that begin with experienced leadership and sound principles, the 30 the N.C. Troops grew steadily. Soon, a civilian organization was created in order to encourage participation by non-military family members.


    Our organization recognized the need occasionally portray a Union army military unit in order to more accurately create military scenarios at some events. Thus, the L.H.A.N.C. reactivated, through a partnership with a Civil War reenactment group in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the 9th Regiment Pennsylvania Reserves, Company H.  While our members are encouraged to participate in both our Confederate and Federal companies in order to provide for a more cohesive unit and esprit de corps, participation in the Federal company is optional


    The civilian group is the Colonel Francis Marion Parker Civilian Alliance and is named for the colonel who commanded the regiment for most of the war. These two organizations were joined in 2012 by the 86th Militia Regiment.  Participation in the Militia appeals to those who are not attracted to the more rigorous forms of Civil War re-enacting.  At Living History events and

re-enactments the Militia group demonstrates pre-Civil War military drill, clothing, weapons, equipment, camp life, and gives informal talks to the public.


  We look forward to seeing you in the field


   Your Humble Servant

   R. C. Weltner

   Captain Commanding